Fire & Security

Fire and Security applications require some of the highest levels of assurance of product performance. BASEC's mark of approval provides purchasers and contractors with the peace of mind that the cable they install is fully compliant with the relevant standards, safe, fit for purpose and will provide years of reliable service.

Nowhere is a guarantee of product performance more essential than in the Fire and Security sector, covering cables such as armoured power distribution cables (BS 7846), fire alarm and emergency lighting cables (BS 7629-1) and low smoke halogen free cables in general.

Tests and standards for cables with reaction to fire properties or circuit integrity grading have developed as cable materials and technology have improved, but independent assurance of performance through testing and certification will be expected. What’s more, security applications are changing rapidly as IP technology becomes more widespread.

BASEC has been operating independently for over 45 years and our Certification Scheme is recognised as one of the most demanding in the industry. Manufacturers of BASEC approved cables are subject to regular factory inspections. Cables are sampled and tested several times a year to ensure ongoing conformity to the relevant standards.

This rigour means that when purchasers and contractors specify BASEC approved cable they can be sure it meets the highest quality standards and that it conforms with all relevant regulatory requirements.

BASEC also has extensive experience of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) which came in to effect in July 2017. This requires CE marking of all cables for use in fixed installations in domestic, commercial and industrial premises and other civil engineering works anywhere in the European Union. As a designated Notified Body, BASEC tests and classifies for CPR, enabling manufacturers and distributors around the world to supply within the EU.

BASEC Services for the Fire & Security Sector

Product certification and approval for manufacturers: A comprehensive product testing and approvals service for cable manufacturers. Provides customers with independent proof of safety and quality, and opens up new markets that specify BASEC cable.
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Management systems certification for manufacturers: Integrated auditing enables cable manufacturers to achieve Triple Standard certification for Quality, Safety and Environment, enhancing reputation and competitive advantage.
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Stockist schemes for cable distributors and wholesalers: Quality assurance checks on distributors and wholesalers, enabling installers to source approved cable with confidence.

CPR Notified Body services for manufacturers and distributors: Ensuring cables for the construction sector comply fully with the Construction Products Regulation, thereby enabling their supply throughout the EU.
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Cable Search for contractors, installers and specifiers: Use the BASEC cable search facility to ensure the cable you are specifying and supplying is BASEC approved.
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Investigations and assessments of non-standard cables: Working with manufacturers to ensure that non-standard cables and innovative new designs meet all necessary safety and performance requirements.

A CPR test being performed in our state of the art ladder rig  | Basec Cpr Fire Test
A CPR test being performed in our state of the art ladder rig


At BASEC we test to International, European and British standards for fire resistance and fire performance cables.

These include BS 6387, BS EN 50200, BS 8434-2, BS 8491, IEC 60331, IEC 60332 series.
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