Registered Stockist scheme

Become a Registered Stockist of BASEC approved products.

Under the new Registered Stockist scheme if you are stocking and selling, or re-selling cables you can now apply to be certified to supply BASEC approved cable products.

Historically BASEC approval could only be achieved by cable manufacturers. We have extended certification to include stockists to help provide a safety net, that the cable has maintained the levels of quality it held at the manufacturing source. Whether you’re a single entity or you have a network of regional and local branches – you can now apply for Registered Stockist status.


Once your management systems and processes have been rigorously inspected and audited, and cable samples from your facility have successfully passed testing, you will gain the Registered Stockist status. The scheme will focus on reviewing your procurement and selling practices to ensure that the quality, of the product, at source has been maintained and verified from the manufacture, right through to your end customer.

You will already hold an ISO 9001 certificate to be eligible to apply, however, if you do not, no need to worry as we can certify this standard for you as a prerequisite.

Read how you can become a Registered Stockist by downloading the brochure.