Continuing to trade in the EU

Read full details on how BASEC will continue to support CPR classification for the European markets going forward. BASEC Conformity Limited was set up in Ireland to ensure continued service capability, recognised in its own right as NANDO approved and listed NB 2851.

How will BASEC continue to support CPR CE marking for the EU market?

Notified Bodies (NB) are designated by a European Union member state, to independently assess the conformity of products. BASEC Conformity Limited was established in 2019/20 and listed as NB 2851 in February 2020, is NANDO listed and EU27 recognised.

Manufacturers of approved CE marked cables can transfer CPR testing to BASEC to validate the current testing/reporting from the incumbent, the current issuing notified body.

How will CE AVCP System 3 approvals approvals work for the EU market?

BASEC UK will only be able to issue AVCP System 3 approval in line with UKCA marking requirements. BASEC UK will no longer be able to issue AVCP System 3 approval to accommodate CE marking into the EU market, this testing will also not be offered by BASEC Conformity Limited. This is because the European commission has advised that all AVCP System 3 certificates that will be placed on the EU market after 1st January 2021 will need to have a valid classification report issued by an EU27 NB and not a UK, at point of placement.

Can I transfer my CPR test certification from BASEC UK to BASEC Conformity Limited to enable continued trading with the EU?

For existing customers who wish to transfer their certificates to BASEC Conformity Limited to ensure they still comply with EU CPR and can CE mark, and/or would like a dual certificate, you should contact BASEC immediately to arrange a transfer.

I need a AVCP System 1+ CPR CoCP issued by BASEC Conformity Limited (BCL) to enable me to sell this product in the EU, how do I obtain this?

To start the process of obtaining approval for AVCP System 1+ for EU, CE marking, you will need to request a quotation from BASEC UK, from 1st January 2021, BASEC UK will transfer to BASEC Conformity Limited for continued validity of CE marking – to remain valid will need to ensure you affix the BCL NB 2851 number on your Declaration of Performances and labels.

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