Management Systems Certification

BASEC operates discrete or integrated management system assessment schemes, leading to the issuing of stand-alone or integrated management systems certification to cable sector organisations, such as:

  • BASEC Product Certification Requirements
  • Quality management systems to ISO 9001
  • Environmental management systems to ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001 - Occupational health and safety. BASEC does not hold UKAS Accreditation.

BASEC management system schemes are designed to assess an organisation’s ability to produce and/or supply goods and services consistently to specification and to customer requirements, in a safe manner and with due regard to environmental needs. Integrated management systems offer a number of business benefits and BASEC provides a cost-effective approach to their certification.

In the environmental field BASEC concentrates on making the implementation of an environmental management system a value added, cost saving activity for the organisation, tailored to local environmental and legislative requirements. On health and safety, BASEC looks beyond legislation and compliance to aim for good risk management and organisational continuity, addressing the needs of all stakeholders.

In January 2011 new logos were introduced for BASEC certified management systems. The circular BASEC logo (roundel) is no longer used for certified management systems, but is only used with certified products.

4 Isos Banner Inc 45001 Hi Res

New and re-issued BASEC certificates now incorporate these new logos and certified organisations may use them in their marketing, subject to BASEC's rules and regulations.

Below you will find a downloadable PDF explaining the process BASEC use.