Update: UK Exit from the European Union

There has been a long-standing view that as the UK exits the EU under a no deal scenario, that rules under CPR would be as below:

AVCP System 1+

To CE mark product placed on the EU market, there would need to be NB verified factory Production Control (FPC) and certificate of constancy of Performance (CoCP) issued by an EU27 NB, so that all such work carried out by UK Notified bodies prior to exit would need to be transferred to an EU27 body after the end of the transition period. This is still the case, and BASEC Conformity Limited (NB 2851) will carry out that transfer for all BASEC system 1+ customers

For all BASEC UK (NB2661) certificates will automatically transfer to a UKCA certificate on 1st January 2021.

AVCP System 3

The validity of Classification reports issued under system 3 was believed to have no validity date and was valid until such a point that the product changed (i.e. material change). The view was that, the Classification report had to be issued by a Notified body AT THE TIME OF ISSUE.

The European commission has now issued further guidance on this advising that all AVCP system 3 that will be placed on the EU market after 1st January 2021 will need to have a valid classification report issued by an EU27 NB and not a UK, at point of placement, not point of testing, which is a change of position.

UK exits EU

In Summary

AVCP System 1+

BASEC is in the process of transferring those from CE mark to UKCA and all existing customers of BASEC will automatically be transferred to UKCA from 1st January 2021 and our current NB number will remain the same.

Those requiring CE & UKCA can obtain a UKCA from BASEC UK (NB2661) and CE from BASEC Conformity Limited (NB2851)

AVCP System 3

All BASEC classification reports will automatically transfer to UKCA on 1st January 2021 and so no action is required, and for those new customers wishing to have a UKCA classification report to place the products on the UK market can contact BASEC who can support this process.

For all BASEC customers wishing to have an AVCP system 3 classification report with a CE mark will now need to approach an EU27 NB to get the classification report transferred over to them, ahead of placement on the EU market.

If you have AVCP system 3 classification reports issued by BASEC and wish to clarify your individual position, please contact your local Certification Executive as detailed below:

  • UK and Ireland- Reece Austin- +44(0)1908 264462, reece.austin@basec.org.uk
  • Europe and ROW- Sian Marlow-Melotte- +44 (0)1908 264461, sian.marlow-melotte@basec.org.uk
  • MEAF, India and Asia- Mandi Ditum- +44 (0)1908 264464, mandi.ditum@basec.org.uk

BASEC switchboard +44 (0)1908 267300