Manufacturer Case Study: Cavicel S.p.A

Headquartered in Milan, Italy in addition to having international offices in Dubai and Hong Kong, Cavicel S.p.A is a globally recognised cable manufacturer exporting all over the world. With over 70 years of experience, the brand has built a reputation as an innovator in the design and production of cable products and today their cables can be found in over 50 different countries.

Their BASEC approved fire rated cabling has been installed into several high profile projects such as the Dubai Expo 2020 Exhibition Center and Doha Metro project.

Focus on quality

Since the business was founded, quality has remained a core value, both in relation to the production of the cable products and service provided to customers. The manufacturer produces a wide range of cables including low voltage, fire resistant, instrumentation, control, fibre optic and also bespoke customised cables.

Fire resistant screened cables are a key offering the business provides, known under the popular sub-brand ‘Firecel’. This range is recognised as fire rated, therefore the products are designed to maintain continued circuit integrity in fire conditions to be used in emergency systems such as fire alarms within public buildings. This in turn evidences enhanced performance in the event of a fire to allow continued power, to most importantly help save lives and reduce risk of damage to structures.

In addition to the projects previously mentioned that feature Firecel cables, the cabling has also been installed into several other large scale international constructions, such as; the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, New Administrative Captial in Egypt, Riyadh Metro Project and Bahrain International Airport.

Marcello Celentano, Director at Cavicel comments;

“To maintain the highest levels of cable quality and safety for our customers we take compliance to relevant standards very seriously. We initially chose to partner with BASEC as a testing and certification provider due to their recognition and reputation in the cable industry, particularly in the UK market. As experts in the cable market, their recognition as one of the most stringent testing providers helps us to demonstrate high levels of quality and conformity to all stakeholders throughout the supply chain.

We are committed to providing reliable and innovative cable solutions that are fit for purpose. Having BASEC product approval in relation to BS 7629-1:2015 for our fire resistant screened cables, customers can be assured that the products have been and continue to be thoroughly tested and assessed to demonstrate performance that meets the safety requirements.”


Complete cable assessment

Gaining a product certification from BASEC requires the independently selected cable samples to undergo rigorous assessments to test a variety of characteristics and determine that the cable performs in line with the standard. BS 7629-1:2015 that Cavicel hold certification for includes fire testing to test resistance to fire with mechanical shock, bending characteristics, shrinkage of sheath during heat treatment and levels of smoke and corrosive gases emitted when burned. This comprehensive testing schedule minimises risk of future failure when operating in the end application, providing peace of mind to installers and end users.


Management systems certification

In addition to holding product certification, Cavicel has also gained the internationally recognised Quality Management Systems ISO 9001 with BASEC. This involved an in depth assessment of the businesses operational processes and documentation to evidence the company’s commitment to manufacturing cable products in accordance with the pre-defined standards. This helps to ensure that Cavicel consistently provides products and services to their customers at a high standard, with an ongoing surveillance plan in place to monitor all aspects of the business operations as outlined within the regulations. The certification helps to increase consistency and quality, while reducing waste.

Marcello Celentano comments;

“Holding the IS0 9001 certification enables us to demonstrate to our customers and the industry that we are a credible manufacturer that prioritises quality assurance. Partnering with BASEC as the experts in the cable sector to undertake the assessments gives us even greater recognition that our processes are rigorously monitored to drive efficiency to compete in the market and deliver excellence to our customers and their projects.”

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