The specifics to UKCA marking

Learn everything you need to know about the regulatory changes specific to the UK market, which come into effect from 31st December 2020, with regard to UKCA marking, which will replace the European CE marking for the fire classification of all Construction Products.

Can I still use certificates issued by EU-recognised notified bodies for products placed on the UK market?

As a part of the move away from CE marking to UKCA, the UK Government has allowed a 1-year transition period, which means until 1st January 2022, you will be permitted to use CE marked product that fulfils the below criteria and are:

  • Covered by a harmonised European standard, which is the same as a UK designated standard
  • Affixed with CE marking
  • Accompanied by a manufacturer’s declaration of performance
  • Assessed by an EU-recognised notified body, where third party assessment is required.
How will BASEC UK be recognised after 1st Janaury 2021?

BASEC UK will be recognised as UK approved body and will continue to issue certifications via the NB 2661.

How is UKCA structured?

The UK approval scheme is a mirror of the current CPR, all EN standards will become UK designated standards and will be identical to the EN’s. In this way, the Assessment and Verification of Performance: AVCP (testing and FPC) will be no different

Will BASEC be able to provide AVCP System 3 approval for UKCA?

Yes, BASEC UK will offer AVCP System 3 approval to comply with UKCA.

Will BASEC be able to provide AVCP System 1+ approval for UKCA?

Yes, BASEC UK will offer AVCP System 1+ approval to comply with UKCA.

How will license transfer for UKCA approvals work?

Subject to the successful completion of verification transfer testing by BASEC, which is required to validate Classification and Certificate of Constancy of Performance (CoCP) reports issued by your current issuing notified body (EU27 recognised), new UKCA certifications will be issued from the 1st January 2021 onwards.

A cross section of samples across all existing CoCP reports will be tested by BASEC, manufacturers will need to obtain all details from the current issuing notified body so that BASEC’s results can be compared. If the test results match, then less testing will be required to validate the approvals being transferred.

How will my current BASEC CPR certificates be validated for UKCA marking?

As an existing customer holding valid CPR certificates issued by BASEC UK, from 1st January 2021, where a UK notified body (which becomes a UK approved body) had carried out tasks or issued certification in relation to the Assessment and Verification of Performance (AVCP) for a product before 1st January 2021, then those tasks and/or that certification may be used to support affixing of the UK marking if the product is placed on the GB market after this date.

Is there a mandatory requirement for UKCA marking on CPR approved cables?

Approved bodies will be able to undertake conformity assessment activity for UK designated standards. Where an approved body has undertaken the assessment, the manufacturer (or their authorised representative) must affix the UK marking. Rules around affixing the new UK marking will be equivalent to the current CE marking. 

How can I obtain UKCA approval after 2021?

After the 1st January 2021 date all UKCA approvals will require full recertification of audit and product testing. This will be applicable to all testing concluded after 31st December 2020.

How long can I use CE marking to enter UK market?

Preparation to be fully compliant with the new UKCA framework, implementation and confirmed compliance, is recommended as soon as possible – ideally before 31st December 2020, or as soon as possible after 1st January 2021.

UKCA is required for the UK market from the 1st January 2021, however, a transition period allowing CE marked goods to enter the UK is in place. This window will end on 1st January 2023, and businesses should ensure they are prepared for the new system well in advance of this date.

How can I continue to export/import to Ireland

The UKCA marking alone is not sufficient for supply to the Northern Ireland market. CE marking or UK(NI) marking will be required.

I have not used BASEC’s CPR testing services before but wish to obtain UKCA & CPR testing approvals, how can I do this?

To apply for UKCA or CPR testing please submit an application to BASEC via our website

Your AVCP System requirement will need to be specified, full details of your operations will need to be supplied and a full list of product types you would like to submit for CPR testing will need to be provided. From here your regional team will provide a quote comprising of desktop audit review, product sample testing and certification fees.

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