For CPR BASEC achieves INAB Accreditation through its Irish Subsidiary: BASEC Conformity Limited on 11th September 2019 – As contingency for a “Brexit No-Deal”

CPR notified body services – BASEC Brexit update

BASEC is pleased to announce that we have received, during September 2019, accreditation from INAB – Irish National Accreditation Board to support global customers during this period of uncertainty to address the possible consequences of a “no-deal” Brexit

The United Kingdom and the European Union continue to negotiate the exit of the UK from the EU. UK parliament have passed into law that the UK PM must request an extension if no deal has been agreed by 19th October. But as the law currently stands the date of UK leaving the EU is 31st October 2019.

Guidance on the EU New Approach system for regulated products states that manufacturers can seek to arrange for their files to be transferred to an EU-recognised Notified Body (NB), to allow for certificates of conformity issued by a UK-based notified body to continue to be valid, as under a no-deal Brexit scenario bodies located in the UK are likely to lose this status. New arrangements would also be needed for products entering the UK after Brexit.

As per our earlier communication to protect BASEC’s customers we have established a legal entity in Ireland called BASEC Conformity Limited, and we have achieved INAB accreditation on 11th September registration number 6027.

 | Basec Conformity Limited 6027 Cert Small

We are now seeking Irish Government notifying approval to submit to the EU commission for NANDO (New Approach Notified and Designated Organisations) Listing.

As this is ongoing, and only in the event of a no deal, for any System 1+ certificates we have issued prior to the UK leaving the EU will continue to be valid for the UK market, for outside the UK and within Europe we have been working with another European Notified Body on fostering a closer working relationship, and if needed will transfer certificates for System 1+ to them prior to 31st October to avoid disruption to customers.

For system 3 your DoPs are unaffected if the testing is completed prior to the Brexit date and will remain valid post-Brexit and no transfer to another EU body will be needed.

BASEC will be monitoring the progress of UK/EU negotiations closely over the coming days,

BASEC will provide further communication and write to each customer outlining their individual approach, as to the next steps and timescales.