BREXIT update: Continued validity of UKAS accredited certifications explained

Certifications issued by BASEC holding UKAS accreditation will continue to be recognised by the EU post Brexit – read on to understand the mechanics, regulatory changes and which certifications are impacted.


UK leaves Europe

The UK has now left the European Union (EU) and the transition period will end this year, with a final cut-off date of 31st December 2020.

New rules for businesses importing, exporting, travelling, living and working between the UK and EU will come in to play from 1st January 2021. Whilst there are many preparations to be made to ensure continued operation, BASEC certifications accredited by UKAS will continue to be accepted by the European Union.

BASEC is currently working with cable manufacturers worldwide to transfer their certifications to BASEC, to ensure that they can continue to export cable products to the UK from 1st January 2021. Products entering the UK market will need to meet UKCA marking regulatory requirements. UKCA is a mirror of the EU’s Construction Products Regulation (CPR), which sets out the mandatory assessment of and fire classification of all building materials being used or supplied to the EU.

Transfer testing must be completed by 31st December 2020 - where existing certifications are held, BASEC is conducting validation testing using current test reports to speed up the transfer and enable compliance to UKCA from 1st January 2021.

Where onward supply from the UK to the EU is anticipated, dual UKCA and CE marking will be required. Uniquely positioned, BASEC is approved to offer certifications for both markets under notified bodies NB 2661 via BASEC UK for AVCP System 1+ and AVCP System 3 and NB 2851 via NANDO listed BASEC Conformity Limited for AVCP System 1+.

Transfer to BASEC for CPR and UKCA fire classification testing

Ongoing recognition

The below cable product approvals and management systems certifications issued by BASEC are UKAS accredited and will continue to be internationally recognised as part of the International Accreditation Forum, Multi-Lateral Agreement (IAF MLA).

As an approved signatory of the IAF MLA, BASEC issued conformity assessment certifications will be recognised by all peer signatory bodies, consequently all EU member states, within the appropriate scope.

The UK Government has also confirmed UKAS will be recognised as the UK’s National Accreditation Body and this status will remain following the conclusion of Brexit at the end of 2020. In rare circumstances, use of localised national accreditation bodies may be required, subject to final trade negotiations.

Recognised management certifications:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001

Access management systems approvals from BASEC ISO9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001

Product certifications:

Product certifications issued by BASEC, UKAS accredited

Based on industry demand, BASEC continues to add to and enhance product certification scope capability within their UKAS accreditation.


Key takeaways for you to continue to operate with confidence include:

  • UKAS accredited certifications issued by BASEC will continue to be recognised in the EU post Brexit
  • Access both certification for both UKCA and CPR CE marking of construction products, tested, inspected and certified by BASEC for both the UK and EU markets
  • The IAF MLA will continue to recognise BASEC as an approved signatory internationally
  • UKAS will be recognised as the UK’s National Accreditation body going forward

For further information on UKAS accredited, or UKCA transfer testing please contact the team here:


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