Advantages of transferring to BASEC

Contact the team today to discuss the advantages of transferring all of your CPR fire classification testing to BASEC, capitalise on reduced testing and fees now, based on a revalidation of your existing certifications.

What is the advantage of the license transfer, and can I access dual certification?

With the cooperation of your current issuing notified body, manufacturers are allowed to transfer their certificates after the review of all FPC, CoCP and testing documents. BASEC’s transfer assessment could comprise of expediated AVCP desktop reviews and testing of a representative cross section of product, to verify current test certificate findings correlate with BASEC’s test findings.

Manufacturers could benefit from significantly consolidated testing fees. Testing must be concluded, and reporting finalised by 31st December 2020 to take advantage of this verification method.

Going forward you will also benefit from dual certification through joint auditing/testing for both UKCA & CE marking.

Will CPR test certificates issued by my old notifed body become invalid after I transfer to BASEC?

With AVCP System 3 test reports there is no validity issued on the reports so both reports issued by BASEC and your curent issuing notified body will remain valid. AVCP System 1+ certificates transferred to BASEC from your current issuing notified body will become invalidated for export to EU markets.

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