TGA and FTIR analysis

Access unparalleled service solutions from the cable experts. Combining tried and tested, traditional electrical, mechanical, material, chemical and fire compliance testing, with enhanced testing capabilities focused on polymer validation and comparative analytics.

Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) is a thermal investigation tool which enables the BASEC team of in-house chemists to assess the physical changes in polymer material masses and identify chemical decomposition patterns.

The hyphenated system is coupled with the Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) analysis tool, which works by scanning the samples, being assessed, with an infrared light to map, fingerprint and quantify the chemical properties of said sample. This advanced method of analysis considers the way in which material bonds absorb light. Depending on their composition, this typically occurs at varying frequencies, thus enabling the determination of the sample’s molecular structures.

Testing services include:

  • Polymer matching and characterisation
  • Comparative analysis of polymer samples
  • Confirmation of materials and variation types
  • Identification of plasticisers – using the IR spectrum, e.g. fire retardant, anti-oxidant % content
  • Weight loss, derivative and chemical contamination assessment
  • Quantitation and identification of evolved gases
  • Predictive material performance

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TGA & FTIR testing services from BASEC