COVID-19 risk assessment

BASEC is required to publish a COVID-19 risk assessment and details of the practical steps being taken to implement stricter health, safety & government guidance measures.

COVID-19 risk assessment

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Guidance for Employees based on UK Gov guidance of 4th April 2022

The following safety guidelines have been put in place to protect staff, our friends and family and we recommend that these are followed when attending BASEC’s UK site. BASEC encourages all members of staff to stay safe, wear appropriate PPE including facemasks where appropriate and be vaccinated at the earliest opportunity.

• While Covid19 related controls have been relaxed in the UK, BASEC will retain some controls for a period and will review risks to our business periodically.

• COVID will be covered by the company sickness policy, and if you have symptoms e.g., raised temperature and persistent dry cough employees are advised to avoid contact with people for 5 days and then to return to work on day 6.

• Laboratory based employees working from site will continue to work as before, and from 3rd May, office-based staff should return to the office 3 days per week – Tue, Wed, Thur and this will be kept under review. We would encourage those living near the office to return full time to improve communication and collaboration with colleagues.

• Face masks are available for employees and while optional it is recommended that these are worn in the laboratory, common areas and moving between offices, this will be left to employees’ personal preference.

• Visitors are now allowed onto site, but are required to confirm they have no COVID symptoms whilst signing in, and wear a mask when on site.

• Maintenance should be authorised and undertaken after 3pm whenever possible.

• All visitors must be escorted, register on site, and follow our site induction process.

• Visitors must not leave reception unless under BASEC supervision, and must wear facemasks, and safety shoes when visiting the Laboratory.

• Soap and hand sanitisers will be available in all areas, and regular use recommended.

• All offices/lab areas be cleaned frequently and thoroughly with surface sanitiser, including desks and door handles.

• Employees should regularly clean work areas with the cleaning products provided.

• Cleaning checklists and surface sanitiser placed around the laboratory beside frequently used equipment should be used to check and ensure regular cleaning.

• Floor markers placed around communal areas are in place to direct traffic and aid social distancing, and mirrors are placed in corridors to check for traffic; please THINK and keep your distance when approaching other employees.

• We recommend that face masks and shields are used for any close contact work, shields must be cleaned down with disinfectant prior to use and after use.

• Social distancing is recommended with breaks staggered to maintain space, and a maximum of 6 recommended in the kitchen at one time.

• Good ventilation is recommended with doors and windows used to promote airflow.

• It is advisable for leaving times to be staggered to avoid congregation at reception.

• Login app should be used to minimise risks of Covid transmission when registering entry and exit.

Please do not hesitate to contact your line manager or HR if you have any questions or concerns.

Guidance for Visitors based on UK Gov guidance of 4th April 2022

We would like to assure you that BASEC is still following a strict process to safeguard our employees, customers and service providers. Our process is based on advice from the UK Government and the World Health Organisation, and is being reviewed on a regular basis.

Our primary concern is for the safety and welfare of our employees, customers and service providers.

We have implemented the following for all our Visitors onsite at BASEC premises.

• Visitors will be allowed onto site, but are required to confirm they have been vaccinated prior to attending site, and do not have COVID symptoms before signing in.

• Where possible these visits should be scheduled after 3pm the lab operating time to minimise contact.

• Each visitor is requested to carry out a thorough hand wash on arrival and are required to regularly hand wash and make use of the alcohol-based hand sanitiser dispensers around the premises.

• All visitors are required to wear appropriate PPE - including face masks where appropriate.

• All visitors will observe a 2-meter distance between themselves and others and required to pay attention to the floor markings to assist in this.

• Employees have been instructed to NOT shake hands with anyone.

We are pleased to be able to welcome you to our premises should your visit be of an essential nature and would like to thank you for your continued support; if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

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