Top 5 Reasons to become a Registered Stockist

As a pivotal connector within the cable supply chain your customers rely on you, as the stockist, to provide them with cable that will perform safely and efficiently in its end application. There are several benefits to becoming a BASEC approved Registered Stockist, learn about the top reasons why you should start your journey to becoming approved, key benefits to your business and stand out from your competition.

1. Resolution

As part of the process to becoming a Registered Stockists you are able to submit problematic cable products to BASEC, across your full range of manufacturers, to be tested through a confidential assessment. The outputs are correlated against tests completed on samples taken from any approved manufacturers. Should you experience end user feedback on non-approved cables, you also have the opportunity to submit these for testing to assess their compliance.

2. Re-assurance

Selecting third party approved cables for your stockholding enables you to validate product quality and provides you with added re-assurance that the cables meet the required standards. This also allows you to provide your customers with the peace of mind where they can prove compliance to meet their end project criteria. The independent testing undertaken as part of the process to becoming a Registered Stockist, means cable samples are taken from your existing stock.

3. Reach

Certain end user applications specify the use of BASEC approved cables as a requirement for their projects. Becoming a Registered Stockist will provide you with the chance to access tendering opportunities which require the BASEC quality mark, enabling you to hit your growth or project diversification targets.

4. Recognition

Once approved you can market your business using the BASEC Registered Stockist mark to help gain recognition in the market as a fully inspected and audited cable supplier. This in turn enables you to drives the message of high levels of safety, quality and adds value to your offering.

5. Reputation

As a Registered Stockist you enhance your brand’s reputation, strengthening your credibility as a registered cable stockist for years to come. Ensuring cable quality throughout the supply chain requires responsibility from all its stakeholders. By undertaking a thorough assessment of your company’s processes during shipments and supply, you effectively receive a rubber stamp of approval as a stockist that is committed to quality.


The scheme is available to cable stockists, wholesalers and distributors inclusive of whether they have a single location, regional warehouse or a network of branches.

Download the guide below to learn about how you or a cable products supplier can join the approved Registered Stockist scheme. Contact the team today to discuss your next steps to applying.

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