Registered Stockist Case Study: Goldwing Cable

Goldwing Cable Limited is a UK based distributor supplying high temperature, low smoke, halogen free cables to the industrial, commercial and transportation sectors across the UK and Europe.


Based in Suffolk, Goldwing Cable began operating in 1998 providing electrical cable to wholesalers, with a focus on providing guaranteed quality combined with excellent service. After more than twenty years of business, the company has grown to become a key supplier in the cable market with a highly valued reputation. Predominantly, the business is a key cable supplier in their core European markets across industrial lighting, commercial and transportation sectors. Kevin Ayres, Director at Goldwing comments: ‘our offering is focused on supplying top of the range cables for high specification projects. In addition to our expertise, this niche sets us apart from our competitors in the market.’

Strong Industry Ties

Goldwing Cable is highly regarded as a leading distributor providing guaranteed quality, speed and service in their field, developing a strong reputation with customers over several years on an international scale. This includes a focus on supplying cables for the extensive rail market into customers based in France and Italy, as well as the UK; where cable safety and quality is paramount. Their drive to provide high quality cable products to the market has played a key part in their positioning. In addition to the rail market, this has in turn enabled the company to develop strong relationships with several large building contractors providing cable to projects such as Canary Wharf and The Gerkin, further enhancing their credibility.

Commitment to Quality

Goldwing Cable chose BASEC in 2005 as their partner for independent testing to prove their commitment to supplying quality products and support the requirements of customers and their end user applications. In becoming a Registered Stockist, in 2019, Goldwing Cable’s core objective was to enforce their dedication to quality and safety standards. Kevin Ayres comments, “we definitely feel that working with BASEC makes us a stronger company as it is a globally recognised organisation, delivering robust accreditation to the cable industry. Our commitment to the Registered Stockist scheme means that we are able to prove that, not only are the quality levels of our processes watertight but also the cable product quality has been maintained since leaving the manufacturer and has not been compromised during transit, or within our care.”

Procurement, selling and compliance practises are all thoroughly reviewed as part of the stockist audit. This provides a holistic approach in ensuring the levels of quality in cable products remain intact with recognised standards and with the specifications that the product has been manufactured to at source. Becoming a BASEC approved Registered Stockist demonstrates to industry that both the processes and products have been verified.

Gaining Registered Stockist Status

The scheme is available to cable stockists, wholesalers and distributors inclusive of whether they have a single location, regional warehouse or a network of branches. Upon completion of an application and confirmed quote, an audit is then undertaken. The scope includes vital checks such as traceability of products, how stock is handled and processes for returns and scrap. The Goldwing Cable team were very satisfied with the smooth audit process that took place as part of the procedure to be approved as a Registered Stockist. Constructive feedback is provided as part of any BASEC audit to enable the business to continually improve their safety and quality assurance processes.

Following a successful audit, surveillance samples are then taken to be tested at BASECs extensive laboratory facilities and once passed Registered Stockist status is awarded.

Enhancing Credibility

Goldwing Cable’s approved Registered Stockist status supports their credibility and drive to provide high levels of quality through their cable offering. Looking ahead, the business is demonstrating a long term commitment, one that it is well equipped to continue to provide products for use in a variety of important end applications. The scheme helps Goldwing Cable to prove that the cables they supply have maintained the expected levels of quality. This ultimately provides peace of mind to customers and end users that the cables have been handled and processed safely.

Ensuring cable quality throughout the supply chain requires responsibility from all stakeholders. Becoming a BASEC approved Registered Stockist provides evidence that during shipment and supply that the quality of the cable has not been compromised, enhancing a stockist’s brand reputation and positioning suppliers of cable as credible stockists for years to come.

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