Registered Stockist Case Study: Cableworld

Cableworld Limited is an independent stockist and distributor of a wide range of electrical cables and accessories.

Headquartered in Bolton and established over 20 years ago, Cableworld provides electrical cables and accessories to a diverse customer base around the UK and the Republic of Ireland. As a compact operation, this family-run business prides itself on maintaining the same levels of cable quality and safety as its larger competitors. Hinesh Vegad, Business Development Manager, comments: ‘Although small, Cableworld operates to the same high levels as any other global player. Our focus is on user safety and market integrity. Nothing we supply at Cableworld should compromise the end-user.” With this in mind, becoming part of the BASEC approved Registered Stockist scheme seemed the natural next step, to not only evidence product quality but to help build this stockist’s growing market presence.


Discussing the expected benefits of becoming a Registered Stockist, Anita Corke, Sales Manager, comments “we use our ‘approved stockist’ status to make our business stand out and help position us as a real player in the market. BASEC, in many ways, is viewed as an authority in the world of cables. In investing in BASEC approval to assess our processes and practices, our message to the market is that we take our cable quality seriously. Evidencing this through a solid, independent approval from the cable sphere’s most reputable testing body”.

The BASEC Registered Stockist scheme’s main aim is to protect the cable industry’s reputation, ensuring quality is maintained as the product moves from the manufacturing source to sale, ready for installation in a range of industrial, commercial or domestic applications. Intervening to test product quality at different points in the supply chain is a robust way of working to ensure this. It provides a preventative measure to find and eliminate faulty cable from entering the market prior to end use, at which the point the likelihood of serious harm occurring is at its highest. Commenting on the stockist scheme’s effectiveness, Anita goes on to explain: “The scheme has not disappointed. It does exactly what it claims to do. It acts as armour to our brand, strengthening Cableworld’s name through proof of quality, a desirable certification brand which the end-user market is demanding”.

The Process

For many larger projects, project managers are required to purchase products which hold a formal and recognised third-party approval. Often, this is a pre-requisite and must be evidenced as part of large tender applications. Hinesh states: “We wanted to demonstrate that we are committed to providing quality products that are a cut above the rest. Before becoming a BASEC approved stockist, we knew stringent testing is conducted on product samples taken from cable manufacturers’ factories. Confident in the cable products we source, we were sure our practices would meet the standard. Being linked to BASEC, a well-respected body, allows us to build our reputation to become one of the UK’s leading stockists.”

As part of the Registered Stockist approval process, an in-depth audit to review procurement and selling practices takes place. Cable product samples are taken for testing at the BASEC laboratory to ensure that the quality correlates with the test results achieved by the BASEC approved cable manufacturers. These samples, from a diverse range of cables, are used in a wide variety of applications across a number of industries.

Unlike other third-party approvals, BASEC offers a unique approach to product certification which is typically only awarded to the cable manufacturers. Initial testing is accompanied by ongoing cable assessment at regular intervals to ensure product quality achieved at the start of the production is consistent throughout the cable’s manufacturing cycle. Unannounced visits to the manufacturer are conducted three times a year. It is at this point that end-users gain value from the scheme with peace of mind that the product they’re buying is authentic and genuinely meets the cable standard. The team at Cableworld is focused on delivering cable solutions that meet end-user requirements in the knowledge that not just anyone can achieve the BASEC approved Registered Stockist status. Commitment to Quality Cableworld’s approval as a Registered Stockist marks a shift in the traditional profile to drive for and rely on third-party approvals. Whilst larger companies were, historically, the main investors in such schemes, Cableworld has demonstrated the importance of evidencing quality, irrelevant of company size. For future growth to be achieved, independent approvals are now a necessity, not a ‘nice to have’, to build credibility and contribute to making an impact. Eradicating poor quality from the industry is the responsibility of each and every person, from manufacturer to stockist to end-user. Only when alignment is achieved throughout the industry can this vision be fully realised.

Maintaining quality and making it a part of your operation’s culture to meet industry needs is the key to success. BASEC gives you the platform to do just that, catapulting your business into new realms, whereby you are not only recognised as a stockist, but also as one of the best.

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