Find Registered Stockists via the new BASEC Stockist Selector tool

Be confident of cable quality

The Stockist Selector tool is now live! It enables those looking to purchase cables to be able to view and select the contact and location details of BASEC approved cable distributors, who have gained Registered Stockist status.
The tool displays a search map that can be easily navigated to view the list of approved stockists,
highlighted via the Registered Stockist logo.
Registered Stockist Selector regional map

The search bar function can be used to find local branches by either company name or location.
Registered Stockist Selector search bar function

To view address details at a glance, simply click on the individual logos within the map.
Registered Stockist Selector address feature

The new feature also allows users of the tool to access each stockist’s Certificate of
Conformity, demonstrating their continued compliance with the scheme requirements,
and in accordance with BASEC’s regulations.
Registered Stockist Selector certificate of conformity

Each company hold their own Registered Stockist profile, via which you can also
view a list of locations outside of the map.
Registered Stockist Selector Tool profile

You can also view the full list of approved Registered Stockists by clicking the view all tab.
Registered Stockist Selector Tool list

By obtaining cables from a BASEC approved Registered Stockist, you as the installer, specifier or end user can be assured that the quality of those products has been independently verified at the point of sale.

All Registered Stockists must be assessed as part of the process to gain approval status. This ensures that measures are in place to cross-check the quality of cable products again, just before they enter the market and so that it correlates with the test results of the approved manufacturer. Cable performance is critical and proving consistent levels of quality sits at the heart of the Registered Stockist approval scheme.

The programme has been developed to provide confidence of assured quality, throughout the entire supply chain. This means rigorous assessment of processes and product at various checkpoints, from manufacturing source to end-user, can be achieved through auditing programmes the extensive measurement of on-going quality surveillance.

Access the Registered Stockist Selector tool now on the BASEC website homepage.

Take a look today and find your approved, local suppliers of cable. To be confident of cable quality and be sure it has been independently verified - Always source BASEC approved cables from approved Registered Stockists.

Click here to view the stockist selector tool