Highlights from 2019: New scheme development

Join us as we reflect and celebrate the highlights of 2019!

New testing and certification schemes for Control Cables and BASEC approved registered stockists - in 2019 BASEC responded to your demands.


New schemes development

Registered Stockist scheme

This scheme was launched to enable stockists, wholesalers and distributors of cable products to evidence the levels and measures of quality they operate to.

The scheme provides live market surveillance of cable products at the real point of sale, prior to them reaching the end user. To support your continued commitment to quality as a manufacturer, supplier or user of cable, using product that has been assessed as part of a BASEC approval or certification schemes give you objective evidence of your compliance.

End users can rest assured of maintained quality at all stages and throughout the supply chain.

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Control Cables scheme

This scheme was launched to support the demand for standardisation and drive the correct application of these products. Due to their flexible nature, these products come in a range of constructions, resulting in a reliance on products installers may be familiar with. It can therefore prove difficult to benchmark similar products against one another as there is no focused standard for this range of products.

You can now facilitate the easier comparability of cable products in the market when you specify and certify to the BASEC standards. Testing is delivered independently, to a tailored and rigorous testing schedule. In choosing BASEC as your certification provider for control cables, you can help remove complexities from the tendering process for procurement and project managers through the use of a reliable testing framework.

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