BASEC Service Optimisation Programme

Since 2018 BASEC has exponentially expanded its reach worldwide, improving the processes and strengthening the brand presence in various regions, for an increasingly efficient customer-focused service.

In recent years BASEC has increased its presence worldwide, supporting customers all over the world, improving the service offered and the overall efficiency. To be closer to our customers and more responsive to the market needs, various initiatives have been implemented.

The initiatives include:

  • BASEC Certification App
  • New and updated schemes
  • Regional teams
  • Faster processes
  • Tailored communication
  • Continuous investments in laboratory technology
  • EU registered legal entity, BREXIT contingency

The New BASEC App

As part of the strategy to increase the effectiveness of processes and services, BASEC has designed and implemented a mobile application tailored to the needs of managers that want to verify the product suitability for their projects quickly. You can now ensure cable quality in line with end-user application needs on-site or from your working locations, instantly accessing the continuously updated database of certified cables from your smart device.

The app aims to give easy and direct access to useful information, such as the complete list of manufacturers approved by BASEC and for which ranges of cable, filtered by cable manufacturer or by cable standard. Furthermore, it includes a section dedicated to the BASEC latest news and updates.

The New BASEC Certification App

The New BASEC Certification App

New and updated schemes

BASEC introduced new schemes and updated the existing ones, to better respond to the customers’ needs.

This includes the Registered Stockist Scheme, which has been designed to assess whether or not a stockist’s practices and processes for sourcing, storing and handling cable are safe; in addition to this, market samples are tested by BASEC to ensure that cables being sold maintain the levels of quality consistent with those held at the manufacturing source.

BASEC is working towards the first-ever control cable certifications with key manufacturers to set a market milestone, the benchmarking of cable quality for the YY, SY and CY cable ranges.

Further to these existing schemes such as the PCR, which is updated annually to remain current and capture technical developments, the solar cables certification scheme and fire testing programme have been updated and optimised.

Regional Teams

BASEC invested in regionally focused commercial teams. The teams are dedicated to enhancing the customer experience in their areas and to expediting the communication and tailor it to the market needs.

This guarantees faster responses in case of enquiries or requests, greater efficiency in generating quotations and the ability to support regular meetings. BASEC now has offices in the UK and Europe, Turkey, Middle East and Africa, India and Asia.


BASEC's regional teams

Improved Processes

For all internal processes, the priority is efficiency.

The application forms have been digitalised and can now be completed online. The forms are much quicker to complete, allowing you to input all of the information necessary to create your quote efficiently. They also offer you the functionality to save part way, should you need to verify or request information that you do not have readily available but is pertinent to your application.

Moreover, faster, shorter and more focused internal processes enabled meeting the customers' requirements in half the time, expediting the overall initiation process.

Investment in laboratory equipment

BASEC further strengthens its commitment to meet the criteria amongst the highest quality laboratory systems and procedures. On a daily basis, the BASEC laboratory conducts a wide range of cable testing to serve the demands of cable manufacturers, users and standards authorities across the world.

Since the launch of its cable testing laboratory in 2012, BASEC has continued to make substantial investments in its laboratory equipment, adopting the latest technologies and ensuring the integrity of the laboratory’s processes and procedures.


One of BASEC's laboratories

EU recognised: BREXIT contingency

In February 2020 Nando approved BASEC Conformity Limited, a new EU recognised legal entity, under the directive, regulations (EU) No 305/2011 Construction products. This means that BASEC can continue to support CPR fire classification testing via BASEC UK and depending on final trade agreements via BASEC Conformity, giving customers the reassurance that their certificates, test and classification reports will remain valid after Brexit.

Tailored Communication

BASEC is keen to keep an ongoing flux of relevant information and news to its audience, which includes not only cable manufacturers but also those who trust the brand and request BASEC product approvals, as well as those currently learning about cable quality assessment.

The goal is to increase awareness about the importance of continuous tests and assessments to ensure project safety and efficiency.

For this intent, the teams regularly participate in events, exhibitions, seminars and webinars, opening an educational and interactive dialogue with the local professionals. The highly experienced technical team support industry technical forums and contribute to important market topics and developments, aiming to increase general awareness, better understand industry challenges and build solutions to improve services.

To summarise, in recent years, BASEC has become more progressive and in tune with market. To adapt to the rapid market growth, various measures to meet customer needs have been implemented, new optimised tools, new and enhanced schemes, processes updates and improved communication and enable you, our users to readily access the information you need.