BASEC PHASE 2 investment of £1.2 million in a fully equipped medium voltage cable testing facility based in our new regional lab in Dubai is now fully operational.

The first Middle East specialised MV laboratory for cable testing.

The new medium voltage testing laboratory will significantly increase BASEC's scope of testing to further complement the recent investments made in Solar, EV, Data Communication and compound analytics testing and support manufacturers in the competitive MV cable market to verify competitive designs and raw materials to ensure that quality is not compromised.

This facility continues BASEC's roadmap in becoming the preferred testing and certification partner to the worldwide cable industry and builds upon other recent investments to add capability, technology, and global reach.

Tony Lioveri, BASEC's CEO, states, "BASEC has been working in partnership with cable manufacturers for over 50 years and has a strong brand and heritage of being the mark of quality & safety. Phase 2 investment and extension into medium voltage testing is another milestone on this journey. The Dubai facility is strategically located to support the global market, as seen from the opening of the LV lab in 2021. We continue to push our roadmap to establish BASEC as a worldwide partner delivered through our regional offices of dedicated teams of technical experts and superior customer care. Our goal is to give end users and manufacturers confidence that by using the BASEC mark, they can be assured of guaranteed quality and safety throughout the supply chain. When Quality matters, use BASEC."

Akram Abdelwahab, BASEC's Group Technical Manager & Medium Voltage Expert, states, "With the increase in demand for manufacturing higher volumes of MV cable, BASEC MV laboratory will enhance the quality of the MV cable industry by helping both cable manufacturers and stakeholders. BASEC offers a full testing solution for the MV cable industry by bringing European quality and cable testing speciality to the Middle East. The unique location will make it easier for all cable manufacturers worldwide, especially those in the Middle East, to send their heavy MV cable samples to Dubai; It will save time and money."

We purpose-built the lab to achieve our objective of the highest quality testing in our NEW MV facility with four earth electrodes to get a low PD sensitivity in the presence of background noise (< 1 pC). Our construction is one of many enhancements to ensure our labs' wiring layout is optimised with power isolation. Improved grounding provides effective noise suppression with market-leading lab equipment to improve our offering.

Click below to see our lab being built.

BASEC is the global leader in product testing and certification services for the cable industry across numerous sectors, including construction, electrical installation and power distribution, rail, marine, oil and gas and renewables.

Why BASEC for all your Medium Voltage testing?

By certifying cables with BASEC, cables are subject to rigorous recurring tests and audits with annual surveillance.

Low, medium and high voltage cable testing & certification, including quality management systems.

Critical tests for MV:

  • Partial Discharge test
  • Bending test
  • Tan Delta - concerning voltage
  • Tan Delta - concerning temperature
  • Heating Cycle test
  • Impulse Voltage test
  • D.C. Voltage test on over sheath
  • Adherence of Screens at Short Circuit Temperature test

BASEC is synonymous with quality and safety; our cable certification is trusted and respected worldwide.

Why medium voltage cable testing – for more information, go to:

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BASEC Approved Cable Tests

Certification Processes

Type Testing

Cables we Test

A free guide to MV distribution cable standards and power distribution network requirements

Please get in touch with us for any enquiries on testing and cable approvals.

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