BASEC growth drives higher cable quality

Cable products are essential to power and improve the efficiency of operations, as industries become ever more reliant on technology. The importance of cables is critical across a variety of sectors, from the rail industry to renewable energy, data communications and construction. Safety is a key priority where power is concerned to protect both people and end applications from harm.

Read on to learn how BASEC is focused on improving cable quality across a variety of markets. Providing an enhanced offering of testing and certifications services, combined with dedicated regional customer support teams.

Expanding certification services

Gaining product certification involves thorough checks to warrant that any claims of conformity made by a cable manufacturer are valid. BASEC has expanded and tailored its certification services over recent years to include a variety of major sectors, in a drive to improve the levels of safety and quality specifically to cables. For instance, in the United Kingdom, the government has set targets to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. To achieve this, significant developments are required across all sectors, particularly transport and energy production to electrify the infrastructures, to meet the deadlines. Reliable cables will play an important role in providing power to support these infrastructures, safeguarding the end applications for the future. As part of gaining certification, BASEC verifies cable properties such as mechanical, electrical, chemical and fire performance via complete cable assessments to ensure the requirements set in the British, European, or international standards are met.


Data Communications certification

As the cable specialists, BASEC offers certification, testing and type approval for a variety of different sectors. Significant investment has been made to extend testing capabilities to include services for the data communications market. With 50 years of cable testing experience, BASEC is providing expertise and applying it to support the cable quality in growing sectors. Building on the technical team, which have years of combined cable specific experience, experts in the field of data communications have been recruited to manage and run the new specialist laboratory facilities.

Control cables certification

In addition to services relevant to different industries, BASEC also provides certifications relating to specific product types, for instance, control cables. Commonly known as YY, SY and CY cables, these cable products are used within a variety of industries and different end applications. To address industry concerns around inconsistent levels of quality and performance within these products, control cable certification provides an important benchmark to help those specifying and sourcing control cables to ensure consistency in the market.

Why cable quality matters

Certification awarded by BASEC is renowned for being amongst the most stringent in the cable industry. As the organisation continues to expand its testing and certification capabilities, the procedures remain as rigorous as ever. When approved cable products are specified, sourced and installed into projects, they will have been through a thorough test programme to ensure they are produced and perform in line with regulatory and standards requirements. Cables will therefore evidence the levels of quality needed to operate in their end applications, providing peace of mind to specifiers and end users. In contrast, using poor quality cable products can result in an array of hidden costs. Cables may not contain sufficient materials or achieve critical characteristics to be able to perform as intended. For instance, sheathing materials may be at risk of tearing or break more easily, which can lead to costly repair and replacements, as well as unplanned downtime to undertake the works. This can also have an impact on the reputation of the cables, manufacturer and even the project owners in the wider market.


Continuously improving quality of cable products remains at the heart of the organisation. Further to this, BASEC is also dedicated to providing high levels of customer support to manufacturers, stockists, specifiers, installers and end users around the world. Regional teams have been strengthened to provide greater assistance to customers within the cable industry and across all major sectors. The UK and Europe team has grown to include dedicated technical and marketing support, to add value to the region’s needs and developments. The team is available to provide advice about cable testing and certification regulations and how you can meet them to ensure your cables are fully compliant. Guidance is available throughout the entire process of gaining certification, aimed at increasing awareness and educating on sector specific cable standards.

Ongoing market surveillance

Following a successful certification, undertaking continued surveillance audits and testing of market samples for maintained quality is vital. From a manufacturer’s perspective, audits are designed to evaluate and evidence that quality control is maintained. Multiple routine assessments are carried out by expert auditors to warrant ongoing conformity. Samples are selected by the audit team, supplied by the manufacturer following factory audits, to be tested at the BASEC laboratory and to to eliminate the possibility of one-off high quality samples.


Comparison of cable quality from two different samples. Ongoing surveillance is key to ensure conformity is maintained.

To enhance surveillance in the market, BASEC works with stockists, distributors and wholesalers to award Registered Stockist status. The programme is focused on driving improved cable quality and safety from the top to the bottom, throughout the entire supply chain. Stockists are audited to thoroughly review compliance practices and samples of both approved and non-approved cables are selected for testing. Gaining approval as a Registered Stockist enables those supplying cable directly into projects to be sure of quality. Independent approval helps to evidence the distribution network's commitment to safe, compliant supply of products to all major sectors. Purchasing cable from a BASEC approved Registered Stockist offers the confidence that cable quality has not been compromised since leaving the manufacturing source and products have been handled and stored correctly.

Value adds

Continued development and expansion of services aimed at supporting the worldwide cable industry allows BASEC to drive higher levels of quality across all markets. Rigorous testing and certification to ensure cable products consistently meet appropriate British, European, International or local standards remains integral. Ongoing market surveillance is central to ensuring quality is maintained and safeguards the market against potential faults or failures.

To discuss further, contact your regional team of experts today including dedicated commercial, technical, marketing and customer account support for more details on the next steps towards gaining BASEC approvals.

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