Manufacturer Case Study: Energya Power Cables

Established in 1937, Energya Industries has since evolved as a multi-discipline business group with diversified business operations in Manufacturing, Distribution, Turnkey Projects in Power & Telecommunications field. Energya is a leading regional multi-disciplinary group with an extended portfolio operating in the following domains including Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution, Turnkey Projects, Education, Real Estate, Financial Services. Energya Industries is one of the biggest players in the Power & Telecom business in the Middle East, Europe & Africa, with operations in Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Pakistan, India, UK, Poland & Holland. With a turnover exceeding $1 billion. & Manpower of over 2500, the group’s success keeps increasing.

Quality in Manufacturing

Energya Cables Egypt is a proud member of Energya Group of industries. ECE is a group of companies specialized in production and installation of high-quality telecommunication cables, low, medium & high voltage power cables up to 220 KV in copper & aluminium.

The manufacturer’s comprehensive product offering includes fibre optics cables, building wires, instrumentation cables, fire resistant cables, control cables, signal, and specialty cables used in a variety of different applications.

Energya Power Cables specialise is one of the most advanced power cables manufacturing facilities in Egypt and the Middle East. Recently, it has invested LE 750 million to build the new plant located in the 10th of Ram adan city to be near its local and international customers.

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Medium Voltage Cable Testing

At Energya, Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction are of their core values.

They have built a state of the art Low, High & Extra High voltage laboratories, that guarantees world class quality and always meet their customers' expectations. Energya Power Cables obtained the MV cable certification, producing high quality controlled MV cables through the MENA region.

Eng. Aly El Sewedy Vice President of Energya Industries comments:

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which ravaged every region throughout the world, taking a decision to expand our product approval and invest in further accreditation was challenging. However, our determination to achieve our long-term plan of becoming a key player in the UK cables market, our belief that getting our MV range approved by BASEC is a milestone in achieving such plan and providing peace of mind to our customers with a world-renowned quality mark on our Cables. I would like to take this opportunity to thank BASEC and express how much we value our partnership and understand the value of the work you provide for the industry, considering all the challenges the pandemic and BREXIT has brought them to face. Also, I would like to thank our customers, Energya team and all our suppliers for their business, support, and contribution to this success. Together we face this great challenge and together we have delivered.”

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BASEC Certification

Key reasons behind Energyas’ decision to partner with BASEC to facilitate their cable testing and certification requirements include the strong brand reputation that BASEC holds, combined with the wide recognition established in the cable industry, Certification provides peace of mind that distribution cable assets can be installed and operated trouble-free in increasingly complex environments.

BASEC’s stringent testing and audit processes as experts in the cable sector helps to raise the profile of our customers’ products in the market as cabling that will be safe and durable in its application.

Third party approval from BASEC provides assurance back to our customers such as Energya that the cables have been thoroughly assessed and can evidence the levels of quality required for use in their end application and meet the future needs of the market.

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