Polycab: International Cable Supply

Achieving global expansion, through the export of cable products into Europe and the United Kingdom

Established in 1964 as 'Sind Electric Stores', which dealt in various electrical products including fans, lighting, switches, and wires. In 1996, the Company was incorporated as 'Polycab Wires Private Limited' at Mumbai as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1956. The India-based cable manufacturer Polycab India Limited has experienced significant growth over more than four decades in operation, enabled by third party testing and certification.

Manufacturing a range of wires, cables and electrical products across 25 facilities, Polycab has aligned product offering to market needs. Quality is at the forefront of their cable production processes.


Partnering with BASEC since 2009, for PCR management systems approval and 2011 for its first product approval, has meant that Polycab could obtain the competency required to access these very important markets and achieve competitive edge over other cable manufacturers based in the region.

In order to grow the business Polycab’s research team are focused on construction building wires and telecommunications infrastructure markets. As the experts in cable testing and certification, BASEC’s team has supported the transfer of cabling industry knowledge which in turn supports manufacturer’s new market diversification goals.

Central to Polycab’s international export market success, BASEC approvals pathed the way for the successful creation of strong distributor relationships.

Approved Product Ranges

Main products include low voltage building communications and power distribution cables. Polycab is also mindful of compliance to the Construction Products Regulation, through the mandatory requirement to classify a cable’s fire performance.


Our success in the European and United Kingdom markets has been achieved through the development of strategic market research, driving our decision to obtain and maintain BASEC approvals for high-demand, compliant cables.

Evidencing that our products continuously meet the industry standards was key to creating strong distributor relationships.

Hemant Ramnani, Business Head - Polycab India Limited


Commitment to Quality

In order to continue to strengthen its leadership position in the wire and cable markets, part of Polycab’s mission is focused on improving operational efficiencies.

Maintaining existing and gaining further BASEC product approvals, proves an ongoing commitment to quality surveillance. Certification provides Polycab and its partners with evidenced controls over product consistency.

Close monitoring of production operations coupled with independent verification of product works to enhance sustained credibility in target export markets.

The BASEC mark gives Polycab recognition as well as the status that it is an international brand that offer consistent quality in line with the standards.

To learn how cable approvals can support your operations, talk to BASEC to discuss your certification requirements.


When quality matters.