BREXIT UPDATE: BASEC EU notified body status after 29th March 2019

The European Commission recently published a paper dated 10th January 2018 in which they outlined their position for UK Notified Bodies and their status post withdrawal from the EU after 29th March 2019.

This paper is written outlining a ‘no deal’ scenario.  We are pleased to provide this update on our current activities to mitigate any dilution of service post BREXIT.
BASEC is proactively undertaking a series of actions to ensure that we maintain our Notified Body status regardless of the Brexit negotiations.
Our objective is to ensure the continued uninterrupted provision of services to our customers, and to provide them with the confidence that choosing BASEC as their preferred partner is still the right choice.

BASEC foresees no interruption in their service post BREXIT | Brexit
BASEC foresees no interruption in their service post BREXIT

BASEC has already established an operation based in the European Union. Our European operation is currently going through the accreditation process to enable this to become recognised as a Notified Body. We are very confident the approval of our European operation will be finalised shortly which will result in the continued and seamless support service for our customers.  

We appreciate that during this time our customers may have ongoing concerns or questions which we are more than happy to address.

Tony Lioveri
Chief Executive BASEC