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Here you will find forms and other information intended for BASEC certification customers.

Product Certification Requirements

BASEC Product Certification Requirements

Request your copy of the PCR by emailing

BASEC PCR Comment Form

Comments and suggestions about the PCR, including errors and omissions, may be submitted to BASEC on this MS Word form.

Customer Information

Gaining and maintaining the BASEC mark - Step-by-step guide

Our step-by-step guide leads you through the process of gaining and maintaining BASEC product approval and certification.

How to ship samples to BASEC

Details of how to ship your samples to us to avoid any delays.

Use of Marks

Guidance on using the BASEC marks correctly in sales and marketing literature and on product packaging.

Extension of Scope of Product Certification Form

Application form for extension of product approval

Use this form to apply for an extension of scope of product certification (e.g., extension of size range, additional cable type).

BASEC Cross-Licence Application Form

Application form for BASEC Cross-Licence

Use this form to apply for a BASEC cross-license.

Concession Request / Agreement Form

Application for concession and agreement form

Below you will find a concession request / agreement form, to be used where a concession against full implementation of BASEC's rules is requested.


Please complete the following surveys so that we can continue to sustain and further improve the services that we provide. We value your feedback.

Certification services survey

A general survey relating to the quality of service and resources provided by BASEC.

Certification customer service survey

Laboratory customer service survey

A survey to gather your thoughts and opinions any particular testing service provided to your organisation with focus.

Laboratory customer service survey

BASEC Fees & Prices

Information on how to access details about BASEC Fees & Prices

Lists of current testing fees (BSF045) and certification fees (BSF046) are circulated to BASEC licensees whenever they are updated, and are available to clients on request from the BASEC office. Please contact the office or complete the equiry form for more information.

Terms and Conditions of Business

Information on BASEC's Terms & Conditions of Business

Here is a downloadable PDF of the BASEC Terms and Conditions of Business.
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