Renewables - Wind and Solar

The growing renewables sector can present harsh and challenging conditions in which cables must perform. BASEC’s accredited product testing and certification provides independent evidence that your cables meet all the required standards and will give consistent service for many years. 

It is essential that cables for the wind and solar industries are resilient to a range of challenging environments such as harsh sunlight, extreme heat and high winds, plus exposure to impure rainwater. In addition, for wind power resistance to torsion is often also required. High performance and robustness are essential.

Third party, independent testing and certification from BASEC, with our reputation for quality and safety, provides the necessary evidence and peace of mind to specifiers and purchasers in these sectors.

BASEC Services for the renewables sector

Accredited product testing for manufacturers: We offer testing of regular and specialist cables to ensure they meet the specific requirements and standards demanded by your customers, in the form of an accredited test report.
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Pre-shipment testing, inspection and batch testing for manufacturers: Independent testing of samples prior to despatch gives assurance to your customers of their compliance with all the relevant standards and requirements. 

Production witnessing for manufacturers: BASEC auditors can independently witness your production if required by your customers.

Quality assurance checks for contractors: Independent, 3rd party testing gives you the confidence that the cable you are specifying meet your customers’ requirements.

Product certification and approval for manufacturers: A comprehensive product testing and approvals service for cable manufacturers with ongoing surveillance testing and regular audit. Provides customers with ongoing, independent evidence of quality and safety. 
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Management systems certification for manufacturers: Enables cable manufacturers and distributors to achieve discrete auditing of management systems, leading to certification of ISO 9001, or integrated auditing to achieve Triple Standard certification for Quality, Safety and Environment, thereby enhancing reputation and competitive advantage.    
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We test to sector standards and specifications such as EN 50618, IEC 62930 for photovoltaic systems and MV cables for wind power application such as IEC 60502-1, IEC 60502-2, BS 6622, BS 7835 and IEC 63026. 

We can also undertake thermal endurance testing for photo voltaic cables to determine their longevity.