Customer's Own Specification Type Testing: British Cables Company Ltd

The British Cables Company Ltd (BCC), formerly the BT Cables Ltd, is part of the Wilms Group and operates primarily within the UK and Europe as well as having a separate distribution centre based in Dubai. Manufacturing from their extensive factory in Manchester since 1895, the business produces cables that are utilised in a wide variety of sectors, from telecommunications to railway infrastructure, building management systems and security systems.

Bespoke testing requirements

Meeting changing market demands is something that drives BCC to continuously update the specifications of their cable products and develop new lines, enabling the company to maintain a competitive advantage in the industry. Building management is a key sector that is always evolving and requires cable products to perform efficiently to keep up with latest technologies.

Where a new cable design concept does not have specific national or international standards that it can be tested against, BASEC Group Limited (BASEC) can work with the customer to ensure the cable is thoroughly assessed to meet the necessary safety and performance requirements.

BCC engaged BASEC to provide testing for the complete range of BMS (Building Management System) cables including shielded and unshielded PVC and LSZH designs. The cable design was produced specifically for use in the Middle East where a relevant standard was not in place. To ensure the cable design was safe and fit for purpose, BASEC implemented a testing programme against BCC’s Internal Specification BTPS002 and international standards IEC 60332-1-2:2004+ A1 2015 and IEC 60332-3-24:2018 to demonstrate third-party laboratory approval. The testing provided peace of mind to the end user that the cables perform in line with the testing requirements and could be installed with assurance.


Evidencing cable conformity

Having partnered with BASEC as a chosen third-party cable testing and certification provider for over 30 years, BCC holds an extensive portfolio of certifications. These include product certifications, management systems certifications, Construction Product Regulation Classification reports and Certificates of Constancy of Performance to provide reassurance to their customers through verification of the manufacturers’ processes, facilities and comprehensive testing in line with British and International standards.

The brand heritage and recognition of BASEC within the global cable testing and certification industry was a major reason behind BCC’s decision to choose BASEC to facilitate their cable testing and certification requirements. Third-party approval ensures safety for installers and end users due to the rigorous testing assessments. BASEC approved cables carry a lower risk of electrical shock or fire during installation.

International distribution network

BCC provides cables on an international scale through an extensive and reliable supply chain. Within the Middle East specifically, BCC supplies Dubai based ZZAS Building Materials in the UAE and International Timber Company (ITCO) in the KSA as distributors for their cable products. Both of these companies are dedicated to providing customers with safe and reliable products and this vision is supported by supplying cables manufactured by BSS that hold BASEC approval, knowing that they are fit for purpose having been rigorously tested.

James Glenn, Head of Technical and Business Development at British Cables Company comments;

“As a globally recognised mark of quality, BASEC provide peace of mind to our customers around the world by ensuring that cables are produced to a consistently high level of quality.

BASEC’s presence in the Middle East is valuable to our business by also having an office and laboratory in that region. Their testing capabilities for low voltage and medium voltage cables will help ensure our product developments continue to meet the demands of evolving markets.”

Find out more about the BASEC certifications that the British Cables Company Ltd holds here or enquire about BASEC’s services.

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