The value of buying cable products from a BASEC approved Registered Stockist.

As an electrical stockist or wholesaler supplying cable products, you may wonder what value your customers gain by purchasing from a BASEC Registered Stockist.

In addition to factors such as stock levels and pricing, being assured of safety and quality are also crucial to ensure the products installed into projects are fit for purpose. This is where the BASEC Registered Stockist Scheme comes into play.

Below are some key reasons as to how your customers can benefit from buying cable products from a Registered Stockist:

  • Reduced risk: Cable samples are independently selected and tested to assess material characteristics and performance. This includes factors such as conductor resistance, sheath and insulation thicknesses and checking for correct cable markings. In addition to testing products, thorough quality control checks are carried out as part of an audit to ensure processes such as stock handling and traceability meet the requirements. This stringent process provides peace of mind to those purchasing cable and reduces risk of future costly cable failures.


  • Safety throughout the supply chain: Buying cables from a BASEC approved Registered Stockist provides greater assurance that the product will perform reliably. The manufacturing source specifications are checked to confirm that the same levels of quality have been maintained throughout the supply chain.
  • Consistent compliance to standards: The Registered Stockist Mark (below left) represents a supplier that can evidence compliance and maintains consistent levels of reliability. The BASEC roundel (below right) found on cables that hold product approval demonstrates proven ongoing quality, safety and conformity by the manufacturer.

RSS and ROundel

  • Quality is not compromised: Substandard products can be costly in terms of time and financially while putting your reputation at stake. Purchasing from a Registered Stockist shows a commitment to continuous improvement and best-in class products and procedures.

If you are sourcing cables for projects find your local Registered Stockist here.

Interested in learning more about how your business can become a BASEC approved Registered Stockist? Learn more here or contact the team today.