BASEC and Doncaster cables highlight why third-party approved EV cables are vital for safety

One year on from gaining a BASEC Certificate of Assessed Design (CAD) Certificate for their EV-Ultra® Cable, Doncaster Cables discuss how their BASEC approved cable products demonstrate compliance which provides greater assurance to their customers, specifiers and installers.

Doncaster Cables, the largest British owned and based cable manufacturer partners with BASEC, The British Approval Service for Cables to ensure their products evidence quality and compliance through comprehensive testing and certification. Both organisations are dedicated to highlighting the critical role that third-party cable certification plays in cable safety and delivering efficient cable performance.

To demonstrate this commitment, Doncaster Cables has gained BASEC certificates for over 40 Construction Products Regulation (CPR) compliant cable products, 16 product approvals, Management Systems certification and a Certificate of Assessed Design, known as a CAD. The CAD is in relation to the companies’ EV-Ultra® cable range to support the demand for a widespread electric vehicle charging infrastructure, featuring an innovative combination of EV charging power and data within its construction.

Due to the initial challenge of no recognised British Standard in place for this innovative cable design, Doncaster Cables proceeded with a CAD as an ideal solution to evidence the necessary safety and performance requirements and verify the cable’s design as fit for purpose. BASEC’s process to gaining a CAD is as stringent as testing to local, British, European or International Standards and the manufacturer is subject to an independent review, rigorous cable sampling, as well as both initial and ongoing testing and auditing to be awarded certification.


Cables that do not carry third-party product approval may not have been subjected to the same rigour and required tests to determine that they perform safely. Testing is vital for all products and in relation to pioneering cable products in the market where there are no existing national or international standards relating specifically to the cable, without third-party verification there is risk that that product will not perform safely. All stakeholders within the supply chain have a level of responsibility to ensure cables are designed, manufactured, supplied and installed safely, however it is crucial for the installer in particular to check that the cable is compliant and not counterfeit.

There are several potential risks and dangers associated with cables that are not third-party approved such as low fire performance, lacking reliability of network performance, increased conductor resistance and incorrect sheathing that can lead to cracking.

Mathew Sharman, Commercial Manager for UK, Europe, and ROW at BASEC comments:

BASEC is committed to achieving high levels of cable quality and compliance through stringent testing and certification, combined with continuous ongoing surveillance. As a specifier or installer, by demanding third-party approved cable products such as EV-Ultra® for your projects ensures that the product purchased will be fully compliant and consistently meet all criteria required to meet the relevant British, European or International Standards. This helps to reduce the risk of non-compliant, substandard cables in the market.”

Many manufactures make self-declarations of conformity though type tests but this is no substitute for independent third-party product approval. Below is a direct comparison of the requirements of a BASEC Product Approval against a cable that has only been One Off Type Tested:


Aaron Walstow, Company Director at Doncaster Cables comments:

Providing our customers with the highest levels of conformity is a top priority to support the safe installation of cabling into their projects. Gaining a Certificate of Assessed Design product approval from BASEC helps to provide an easier sign off process, as it shows proof that the cable has been thoroughly performance tested. Those purchasing EV-Ultra® cable can be assured that they will be sourcing a quality product and can have peace of mind to install with confidence.

Prevention is better than cure, always demand third-party approval. To learn more about the value of a Certificate of Assessed Design product approval and view Doncaster Cables full list of cable certifications contact the BASEC team of experts.