BASEC and Network Rail announce new partnership

BASEC, the British Approvals Service for Cables, and Network Rail have announced a partnership that will promote independent approvals of cable products to deliver greater quality controls and assurance for the railways cabling solutions. The two organisations aim to highlight the critical role that third-party cable certification plays in the safe and efficient running of the railways and to positively impact the quality of user experiences.


Over the coming years the demand for cable products is set to increase in line with the growth of the railways, and greater electrification requirements for smart operations. This in turn requires high levels of safety and proven cable characteristics selected to protect the public, while providing efficient and reliable services. Operational delays caused by signalling power cable failures can be particularly disruptive to railway traffic flow and often result in significant costs and stoppage time taken to make necessary repairs. Cable quality and compliance is crucial to support the performance of all operations requiring electrical power and works to minimise the risk of failure.

BASEC Regional Technical Manager, Jaya Skandamoorthy said “We are delighted to partner with Network Rail and support its future needs for higher cabling performance which is critical to the railway operations, including rolling stock, signalling and power transmission, as well as station and infrastructure”.

The recent awarding of Network Rail’s new cable procurement framework contract shortlisted three preferred suppliers, all of which have demonstrated their commitment to compliance and have cable products approved by BASEC. This demonstrates Network Rail’s continued commitment to safety and quality assurance, ensuring that all cables are subject to comprehensive testing schedules and their integrated systems are tested to evidence performance and safety to exacting standards.

To learn more about third party testing and certification for rail cable products download your free guide here or contact the BASEC team of experts to discuss your requirements.