UKCA product marking update

Your update regarding UKCA transfer testing and how you can obtain permission to use the mark.

Please consider the following important questions:

Q. Have you heard of UKCA, UK Conformity Assessment?

Q. Are you aware that the UKCA marking has replaced the European CE mark on all construction products from 1st January 2021 and applies to all CPR certified cables supplied to or sold in Great Britain?

Q. Do you know that transfer testing to obtain permission to UKCA marking must be in place by 31st December 2021?

BASEC is currently offering limited verification testing to cable manufacturers who export or supply their cables to the UK to transfer over from CE to UKCA. This would require a cross section of cable samples across existing CoCp reports. If the test results match existing reports, then less testing will be required to validate approvals being transferred. Manufacturers can therefore benefit from consolidated testing fees.


In order to undertake the UKCA transfer and provide you with UKCA documentation all BASEC require from you is the following:

For System 3 – Provision of all test reports and classification reports for the cables you with to transfer


For System 1+ – Provision of the following:

  • Initial inspection Report
  • Last 2 FPC reports
  • Copies of all transferring COCP’s
  • Copies of all initial test reports/ classification reports relating to the COCP’s
  • Copies of all (if any) triennial test reports
  • Copies of all annual test reports

To find out further information about how BASEC can help you obtain permission to UKCA marking, please contact your dedicated regional customer team.