COVID 19 - Update

Business update on BASEC's response to COVID 19.

BASEC safety first as business continues as usual

The spread of the COVID 19 virus is a developing situation, with global implications and ever changing advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and local government. The government & WHO have now issued a plan to mitigate the spread of the virus.

BASEC has a clear safety first approach to both customers and employees. We will keep a close eye on the on-going situation and develop mechanisms to ensure that the on-going compliance of our clients is not in question, alongside the health of all employees.

A risk based approach to infection control will also be implemented, to include:

1) Travel should be kept to an absolute minimum
2) Travel to highly infected areas is halted
3) Visitor to the lab will be kept to a minimum, and all overseas customers will be required to self-declare their movements for the prior 14-28 days before being accepted
4) Hand shake greetings to be ceased
5) Sanitising gel to be made available throughout the facility
6) Areas of high touch frequency to be regularly disinfected

At this time and in conjunction with UKAS we have instigated some remote auditing. Sampling and testing is continuing as planned.

We, at this stage, do not foresee any interruption to the BASEC services. The on-going situation will be closely monitored and any further changes will be communicated in a timely manner.