Why is cable conformity critical to the safety of your projects?

Be assured of quality by sourcing third party approved cable products

Why source independently approved cables?

When installing cables into a project, ensuring the highest levels of safety is a critical priority, to protect the end user and enable the cabling system to operate efficiently for several years to come.

How can you be sure that the cables you have selected are deemed to be safe? Cables that have gained a third party certification, such as BASEC demonstrates that the manufacturer and products have been stringently tested and audited to meet relevant standards.

BASEC's auditors are experts in the cable industry, carrying out thorough checks to provide impartiality. This reduces future risk of failure or need for replacement. A complete testing schedule assessing different performance characteristics including electrical, resistance to fire, chemical, mechanical and material properties is undertaken as part of a product certification to verify conformity.

Learn the top 10 reasons to use BASEC approved cables here and view the video below:

How can I tell if a cable is BASEC approved?

All BASEC approved cable products must feature the registered certification trade mark 'BASEC' marked on the cable, together with the manufacturer's name, brand name or unique code. If the word 'BASEC' is not shown on the cable it is not BASEC approved.

Click here to see the A - Z of manufacturer company names who have gained certification and CPR certificates with BASEC.


Where can I find BASEC approved cable products?

Cable products that have been approved by BASEC are available from a wide variety of electrical stockists and distributors throughout the UK.

For ultimate peace of mind cables can be sourced from BASEC Registered Stockists, who have been thoroughly assessed to ensure that the product has maintained the levels of quality it held at the manufacturing source, right through the supply chain. Stockists will also hold ISO 9001 requirements for quality management systems demonstrating the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulation requirements.

Find your local Registered Stockist to source BASEC approved cables from using the stockist selector tool here.


Further information

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