A full catalogue of the cables we certify and test at BASEC.

Installation Cables (building wire)

These cables are used in domestic and commercial premises for final circuit wiring.

Power Distribution Cables (low voltage)

These cables are used for the supply and distribution of power to and within buildings.

Control and Instrumentation Cables

These cables are used internally in control panels and switchgear, and for industrial control and automation.

Flexible Cables

These cables have a wide variety of uses in construction and for powering appliances and equipment.

Medium and High Voltage Cables

These cables are used by power supply utilities and in industrial applications for the supply of electricity to larger developments or for industrial applications.

Data and Telecom Cables

BASEC offers approval to a range of data and telecom standards, including IEC 11801, BS EN 50173 and TIA/EIA 568. 

Fire Performance Cables

Most cable product standards include a basic requirement for single cable flame propagation testing. Some cables are made using polymer compounds that are low smoke halogen free (LSHF). Other cable types are specifically designed to have a high level of material performance during a fire and have fire survivability (circuit integrity) characteristics.

Many standards and codes of practice for safety-critical systems set requirements for fire performance cables, including BS 5839 for fire detection and alarm systems, BS 5266 for emergency lighting and BS 8519 for life safety and fire fighting applications. BASEC approves fire performance cables to various standards.