Case Study: Viatech Cable Solutions

Viatech Cable Solutions develop bespoke access control cable products for security and high-end data systems. The team has over 35 years of experience of installing access control cabling solutions across a variety of sectors including data centres, medical, pharmaceutical, airports and defence.

Based in Ireland, the company has a global reach and has delivered a number of high-profile projects to customers within the data security industry, including the corporate offices at Google and Visa card, as well as European data centres at Facebook.

Bespoke cable solutions

Viatech Cable Solutions offer an end to end service from initial cable design, to final manufacture. Ensuring the highest levels of quality and compliance are maintained throughout the process is of upmost importance to deliver superior cabling systems. The product offering incudes multicore composite cables which integrate data and physical control which are bespoke to fit individual customer’s access control system requirements. The unique products provide a ‘critical bridge’ between hardware and software systems to enable efficient physical system operations.

Andy Gray, Managing Director at Viatech Cable Solutions comments; “We aspire to reach the gold standard with our cable products, to ensure customers receive the best solutions possible that are adapted to their systems. Evidencing the highest levels of both quality and compliance are integral to our brand, which is why we chose BASEC to undertake all of our cable testing and compliance activities.

We are dedicated to developing the next generation of access control cables for our customers that demonstrate a powerful combination of state-of-the-art design and the most advanced manufacturing processes to achieve optimum performance and quality assurance.”


Above and beyond minimum CPR requirements

To demonstrate the highest levels of safety and quality, Viatech Cable Solutions have gained B2ca and Cca classifications for their access control cable product ranges which are fully compliant with BASEC’s System 1+ approval scheme under the Construction Products Regulation, CPR. Testing is undertaken to assess factors such as heat release and smoke production, flame spread, smoke density, acidity, and conductivity to determine the cable’s reaction to fire.

In addition to testing requirements, as part of gaining System 1+ CPR status, Viatech undergo BASEC’s factory audits twice a year to make necessary checks that cable quality, materials, production processes and controls have maintained the same levels since initial testing.

Ongoing tests in relation to a sample from each cable family and construction are also carried out on a yearly basis, while all cables are tested every 3 years as part of surveillance. This continued testing and auditing provides assurance and peace of mind to the end users that the cabling systems will not contribute to fire spread should such a scenario occur, reducing risk of harm to both people and the buildings themselves.


A quality partnership

Viatech Cable Solutions made the decision to partner with BASEC as their chosen cable testing partner in 2020. Key factors influencing this choice is the organisation’s global reputation as a trusted partner within the cable testing industry, developed over several decades of experience, in addition to the convenience of having all testing requirements undertaken with one testing and certification provider. BASEC’s certification capabilities also includes the opportunity to gain a Certificate of Assessed Design, known as a CAD, which is aimed towards bespoke cable products, for example hybrid cables featuring a combination of data and power to be tested against CPR fire conditions. This ensures the cable is thoroughly assessed to meet relevant safety and performance requirements.

Andy Gray comments "Our customers expect the highest standards in cable solutions that will safeguard their systems, therefore it is vital for us to partner with a leading cable testing partner to undertake rigorous tests and ensure our products meet these expectations. The team at BASEC have been supportive throughout the whole process of gaining the CPR classification reports. Their testing and certification technical knowledge and expertise in CPR testing and auditing not only helps us but also educates end users about the importance of approved cable products. As we expand and develop our business further, we look forward to continuing our partnership with BASEC to supply cables of the highest levels of quality that have been stringently assessed."

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