Important updates for our customers

We have recently made some changes and updates that our customers need to know about. 

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Updates to the BASEC Product Certification Requirements (PCR)

A new version of the BASEC PCR has been issued to reflect the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The changes are on pages 57 to 67 of the new document and are highlighted in red to help you identify them easily. 

We have also recently updated our Terms & Conditions, (you can download a copy here). Since our Terms & Conditions are now published as a separate document. this information has now been removed from section 1.7 of the PCR document.

A copy of the new edition of the BASEC PCR, incorporating both these changes, can be found here. BASEC PCR Issue 9 

How to ship samples to BASEC

We have created a short guide to help you when sending your cable samples to BASEC. A copy of the guide can be downloaded here. How to ship samples to BASEC

Following the guidance means that once your samples arrive at our laboratory we can process them faster and it should also help you to avoid unnecessary delays at customs. Please make any of your colleagues who are involved in the shipping of samples aware of this link.

Computerised Audit Reports

As part of our commitment to improving customer service, we are introducing computerised audit reports, allowing us to exchange all audit information electronically. There will be no changes to the way in which we schedule and carry out our audits, but these improvements will allow you greater analysis and evaluation of performance.  If you have any queries, please speak to your BASEC Auditor. Alternatively you can email our Compliance Manager, Tracie Hunter -