BASEC Expands Global Auditor Team

To ensure the safety, quality and performance of cables produced by its clients across the world, BASEC’s team of international auditors visit cable manufacturers in their factories to confirm that BASEC regulations and requirements are being met.

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The whole manufacturing system is assessed. The assessor looks at the quality of raw materials and why they were chosen, make checks that the manufacturing process is properly controlled, the operators are trained, and that the measuring equipment is calibrated to international standards. They also assess if the product is properly tested, packaged and despatched on time.  

During a visit a BASEC auditor will also select product samples, which are bagged and sealed and a list taken. The client will then send them on to the BASEC cable-testing laboratory in the UK for testing.  

“The BASEC mark has an international reputation to uphold,” said Dr Jeremy Hodge, chief executive at BASEC. “Assessors need to have a forensic approach and be able to concentrate on the task, know what they are looking for and be a good judge of people. As more cable manufacturers across the world require BASEC approval, our international team is expanding. It is not unusual that an auditor will visit more than 10 different countries in any one year.”  

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