BASEC Supports Approved Cables Initiative

Dr Jeremy Hodge, Chief Executive of the British Approvals Service for Cables (BASEC) talks about his support for the Approved Cables Initiative (ACI).

BASEC has been promoting the benefits of approved cables for many years, but in recent years it has become apparent that pockets of poor professional practice in cable specification and procurement have emerged in many areas of the market.
To date there is an estimated 20% of cable product in the cable systems supply chain that is deemed unsafe, non-approved or counterfeit. This is a major concern for the entire industry from manufacturer through installer to end user, who may not even be aware of the significant health and safety threat it poses or the legal ramifications for the organisation or individual. With this amount of unsafe cable already in the supply chain and with a recorded 27% of all UK electrical fires attributed to electrical products or faulty wire and cables, it has become essential for a cross market collaborative approach to investigate, address and solve this problem.
BASEC is one of many industry supporters of the Approved Cables Initiative (ACI) which launched in March this year. Its approach is to be proactive in identifying the source of the problem through investigating unscrupulous importers, manufacturers and distributors who are not complying with their legal duties under UK regulations. It also aims to educate anyone who sells, supplies, or installs cable to know what cable markings to look for to ensure it is compliant and to report any suspect cable to the ACI. BASEC has offered its support to help the ACI by handling technical and non-technical enquiries and testing cable samples suspected of being faulty, non-approved or counterfeit.
In just a few months since the launch we have already conducted independent testing on samples of cable brought to the attention of ACI, in the same way that we do on any other cable of concern brought to BASEC's attention.  Manufacturers are also conducting tests for screening purposes.
BASEC will also be involved in a coordinated approach to Government to enforce and develop  legislation ensuring that only cables that fully comply with British, European or International standards and carry a third party certification can be manufactured for sale, offered for sale, distributed or installed in the UK.
If you have any concerns about unsafe, non –approved or counterfeit cable please visit or for more information.

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