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BASEC delivers warning on Home Condition Report


The British Approvals Service for Cables (BASEC) has branded the proposed Home Condition Report in the soon to be launched Home Information Pack futile unless it becomes a mandatory requirement.

BASEC is also calling for a proper electrical survey to be included and is supporting the Electrical Safety Council's campaign to include electrical safety information and tests in the Home Condition Report.

Jeremy Hodge, chief executive of BASEC said: "A key part of any property transaction for the buyer is the assessment of the physical state of the property.  This matters from the point of view of the price to be paid, the property's current and future value, the catch-up maintenance and remedial work that is necessary on the property, and most importantly from the point of view of safety. 

"The content of the watered-down Home Information Pack does not provide any assurance to buyers on these important topics.  BASEC would like to see the Home Condition Report reinstated as a compulsory part of the pack".

BASEC also believes the Government's failure to include an electrical inspection as part of the Home Condition Report is giving out mixed messages.

"By not being a requirement of the Home Condition Report, buyers and sellers could be led to believe that electrical safety is not important. However at the same time the Government has placed onerous and costly requirements through Part P regulations on new electrical work in domestic premises.  This confused messaging is not helpful to industry."

Hodge added: "The state of the electrics in a house is of critical importance in the prevention of electric shock and for fire safety.  Wiring and electrical systems should be maintained, and replaced from time to time to ensure safety. However, a significant proportion of properties have not had any such work done in decades and are in a potentially dangerous condition." 

Buyers should be confident that any report on their proposed home purchase will contain all the information they need to know to ensure their future safety, and how much it would cost to rectify to bring the electrics to a safe standard. 

BASEC would like to see a substantial electrical survey, with testing, as part of the Home Condition Report, so that buyers have the opportunity to be warned about potential safety problems with their new house and the remedial work that is required to put it right.

The Home Condition Report is designed to be an objective assessment on the condition of the property that can be relied upon by buyers, sellers and mortgage lenders.

Although the Government has indicated it will make Home Condition Reports voluntary as from 1 June 2007, it strongly believes that these are likely to prove valuable to both sellers and buyers.


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