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BASEC advises swift change to new core colours


With Hong Kong's changeover to new core colours imminent, the British Approval Service for Cables (BASEC) is advising contractors to make the switch soon.From July, Hong Kong will adopt a new cable colour code for new fixed electrical installations and additions or alterations to existing fixed electrical installations.

During a two-year grace period between 1 July 2007 and 30 June 2009, cables of both new and old colours can be used and BASEC has confirmed that it will still approve old and new core coloured cables during the transition.  From 1 July 2009, the new cable colour code must be used for fixed electrical installations.

BASEC has been liaising with a number of Hong Kong Government authorities including the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, the Architectural Services Department, the Hong Kong Housing Authority and the Fire Services Department, as well as cable using organisations, to help ease through the changes.

Commenting on the new core colours, Jeremy Hodge, chief executive of BASEC said: "Having experienced the changes in the UK, our advice is to make the switch sooner rather than later after 1st July 2007. That way there can be no confusion about what to use. 

"Any project which starts after 1st July this year and continues beyond the two year mandatory changeover date will need to use the new core colours and it is only projects which are currently using old core colours which should continue along this line to prevent a mix of colours on a project.

"During a recent visit to Hong Kong it was clear that BASEC provides an important service to the electrical installation market and we are working with the relevant authorities to help ease through these changes where we can.  We will continue to approve to old as well as new core colours and provide the reassurance that a cable marked "BASEC" has demonstrated its compliance to the required standard." 


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Editor's Notes:

BASEC is the recognised leader in product certification services for electrical cables, data/signal cables and ancillary products. Through its teams of highly skilled engineers and auditors who possess extensive in-depth commercial and industrial experience, BASEC has a reputation for professional and rigorous assessment processes which ultimately lead to the issuing of BASEC's highly respected certification.

In addition, BASEC offers auditing for Process Capability in cable making, Certificates of Assessed Design for innovative cable products and independent testing and reporting in the event of disputes.

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